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Shuck can be seen during our summer months of dancing. He is a mild representation of “The Black Shuck”, a ghostly black dog who roamed the marshes, coastline and countryside of East Anglia.

For centuries, tales have been told of a large and terrifying black dog with malevolent flaming red eyes, prowling silently along lanes and field paths.  By contrast, in other tales the animal is regarded as a benign protector of women finding their way home in the dark.

Our Schuck perfoms with us to bring you luck and prosperity -  the more you feed him the better the luck!

“Wilbur”, our previous beast, who gaves us over 50 years  faithful service,  finally retiring in 2014.

Pictured here with Sir Bob Russell.

Many Morris sides have a beast or animal who performs with them, and ours is called Shuck.   He replaced our former beast called “Wilbur”, who retired in 2014 having given faithful service for over 50 years.